2017-18 CEPO/Psi Chi Undergraduate Poster Abstract Submission

Deadline: November 19 2017 at 11:59 PM EST (Midnight)


You must be an undergraduate student to submit an abstract. Post baccalaureate students and graduate students should submit to the main SEPA program.

Abstract submissions should use the following format:

1. Abstracts must be 400-700 words in length including title in proper, uniform format. Abstracts over one page in length may not be evaluated and the words that extend beyond a page will not be included in the review or publication.

2. Abstracts must be submitted electronically using Microsoft Word (Times New Roman, single-spaced, 12 pt font). Submit your abstract online. Your file must end in .doc or .docx. Do NOT submit a .pdf file.

3. Title of paper in Title Case according to APA guidelines for Titles. Ex: Your Title Needs to Look Like This

4. Insert a double space between the title and the text of the abstract. The remainder of the abstract should be single-spaced.

5. No identifying authorship or institutional affiliation should be included.

6. Abstracts should be one complete paragraph. There should be NO spaces between sections of the paragraph and you should not indent anywhere in the paragraph. The body of the abstract should be single-spaced.

7. Margins must be one inch on all four sides, including the bottom of the page.

8. Do not hyphenate at the end of the line or justify on the right-hand side.

9. Do not include a page number on your abstract.

10. Abstracts may NOT exceed one page.

11. Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). When reporting statistical results, you will note the p, f, M, r, n, and t should be in italics, and that degrees of freedom [t(75) = F(2,116)=] must be in parentheses. If you are unsure of proper citation format, check with your faculty sponsor.