What is SmarterSelect?

SmarterSelect is the premier on-line solution for managing the relationship between scholarship, grant, and award providers and their applicants. For the first time, providers can create their own on-line application forms. No programming is required! No more paper applications! No more transcribing applications into spreadsheets! Plus, applicants enjoy the ease-of-use and the peace-of-mind knowing that their applications have been securely submitted.

Features of SmarterSelect

  • Create as many programs as you need
  • Easy to create application form
  • Secure storage of all applications
  • One-click e-mail communication to applicants
  • Export applicant data
  • More…

Benefits of Using SmarterSelect

  • Eliminates paper from the application process
  • Easy to use for providers and applicants
  • Reduces complexity and manual labor
  • Provides secure storage of personal data
  • Easy analysis of applicant data
  • More…
National Scholarship Providers Association

What's New

  • Let applicants preview your application before applying
  • Allow applicants to submit more than one application
  • Make recommender request questions required
  • Match applicants with the programs for which they're best qualified
  • And more!