2018 Mitchell Scholarship Application

Deadline: April 01 2018 at 11:59 PM EDT (Midnight)


History and Purpose:

The Mitchell Institute awards scholarships each year to graduating students from Maine's public high schools as they pursue higher education. In 2018, graduates from more than 130 high schools will each receive a scholarship award for $9,500 that will be paid out in four equal installments of $2,375.

Students pursuing a two-year degree are eligible for up to four years of scholarship support if they continue their education beyond the initial two years.

The recipients are selected according to the following:

1. To be eligible for consideration, each applicant must be a legal resident of Maine with plans to graduate from a public high school in Maine. Boarding students from households with residency outside of Maine are not eligible to apply for the Mitchell Scholarship. Applicants must also plan to attend a four-year or two-year degree program at an accredited college or university for the fall semester after graduating from high school.

2. Recipients will be chosen by the Board of Directors of the Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship Research Institute. Recipients will be chosen from applications submitted by eligible students based on the following criteria:

a. Academic potential
b. Community impact
c. Financial need

No one criterion is more important than another. The Board carefully weighs all aspects of a student’s application.

Terms of Award:

The Mitchell Institute requires that all students comply with the terms of award offered at the time of their acceptance of the scholarship.


The online application needs to be submitted by April 1, 2018. If you do not submit your high school transcript, recommendation letter, and Student Aid Report generated by FAFSA electronically before the system closes on April 1, you must email, mail (postmark by deadline), or fax them to the Mitchell Institute by April 1, 2018. Your college acceptance letter and financial aid award letter can be uploaded along with your online application before April 1. You can also send them to the Mitchell Institute directly before May 1, 2018.

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