Make A Difference! Caring for Authorized Clergy Fund (Local Church)

Deadline: December 31 2021 at 11:59 PM EST (Midnight)


Grants are available for persons authorized for ministry in the United Church of Christ (ordained, licensed and commissioned) who are experiencing crisis in their vocational and/or personal lives. Conference staff applies on behalf of the authorized minister. Payment is made to the Conference/ Association to assure anonymity. Conference/Association agrees to make the source of the funds known to the recipient and ensures that funds are used as intended.

Make A Difference! Caring For Authorized Clergy funds are not meant to replace United Church Board for Ministerial Assistance (UCBMA) funds.

Funds are not meant for long term support.

Appropriate examples include:
Counseling to address crisis situations in ministry;

Immediate intervention on behalf of the individual who is separating from place of ministry;

Early intervention and referral assessment;

Member in Discernment's initial psychological assessment screening raises issues requiring additional psychological testing;

Counseling/psychological assessment as part of a fitness review growth plan for authorized minister or Member in Discernment.


United Church of Christ Conference or Association staff may apply on behalf of an authorized minister. An authorized minister may not apply.

UCC Conference or Association staff must ensure that funds will be used to support the authorized minister in the United Church of Christ who is experiencing crisis in his/her vocational and/or personal life.