The University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program - Class of 2020 Application

Deadline: February 15 2017 at 11:59 PM CST (Midnight) - CLOSED

This program is inactive or past the deadline.


The University of Chicago Collegiate Scholar’s Program (UCCSP) was founded in 2003 as a three-year enrichment program that aims to prepare talented Chicago Public High School students in grades 10-12 for admission and success at the nation’s top colleges and universities. UCCSP is shaped around a core curriculum of humanities, social science, math, and science courses during the summer months and enrichment activities geared toward college readiness, cultural awareness, civic engagement, and leadership during the academic year.


Applicants must be current Chicago Public Schools students graduating high school in the year 2020.

Strong applicants embody the following characteristics:
Ability to Overcome Obstacles:
Demonstrated perseverance when presented with a challenge; Demonstrated ability to seek and utilize resources; Demonstrated ability to think critically to solve problems

Commitment to Managing Short- and Long-Term Goals:
Demonstrated ability to fulfill commitments and manage and prioritize time; Demonstrated ability to choose pathways that will lead to long-term success

Intellectual Curiosity:
Demonstrated ability to handle a challenging load of courses; Demonstrated desire to learn from experiences inside and outside of the classroom; Demonstrated ability to think critically

Demonstrated ability to learn from successes and failures; Demonstrated ability to be open to constructive feedback; Demonstrated desire to grow as a scholar and a human being

Unique Worldview and/or Interests:
Applicant presents experiences, perspective, goals or a resume that is unique; Showcases what makes him/her/them special and stand out from the crowd

Applications must be completed by the student only.

Number of Awards