2017 Patricia Biehl Humanities Scholarship

Deadline: March 23 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT (Midnight)


By the time of her retirement in 2005, Mrs. Biehl, an English and Humanities teacher at Marysville High School for over 25 years, had left an indelible mark on MHS, its graduates, and the community. Mrs. Biehl's legendary commitment to the study of language and literature earned her the universal admiration of students from all grades and every ability level. With great fondness, students remember Mrs. Biehl's classroom as a place where deep thought, spirited debate, and high expectations were never in short supply.

In 2008, a group of her former students created this award to recognize an outstanding MHS senior who shares Mrs. Biehl's passion for the diverse disciplines collectively known as the Humanities.

The intent is to award one $500 scholarship in 2017.


1) Applicants must be graduating seniors from Marysville High School who have been accepted to a four year College or University.
2) Applicants must have a minimum 3.20 GPA.
3) Applicants must intend to major in a discipline relating to the Humanities (including but not limited to English, Philosophy, Religion, History, or Art).
4) Transcript of high school grades including GPA (ACT/SAT scores if taken).
5) A copy of an outstanding paper you have written in your English class this year.
6) A narrative describing why you plan to study a discipline related to the humanities.

Number of Awards


Award Amount


Total Amount Awarded