Current College Students - Scholarship Requests & Renewals - 2017

Deadline: March 07 2017 at 11:59 PM EST (Midnight) - CLOSED

This program is inactive or past the deadline.


Currently enrolled college students that have completed at least one semester have the opportunity to renew or apply for scholarships through the Western Indiana Community Foundation.

The following scholarships will accept requests to renew *(student previously received the scholarship) or will accept new ** requests for consideration (student has not received the scholarship previously). Single asterisk designates scholarship renewals only. Double asterisk designates the scholarship accepts new applicants and renewals.

Shirley Moore Scholarship**
Carter & Olive Martin Scholarship *
Covington Band Boosters Scholarship**
Elouise J. Shade Scholarship*
Fountain County Instructional Materials *
Gene & Nona Martin Scholarship *
H. Wilma Fisher Scholarship *
Herman & Genevieve Simmons Scholarship *
Hoffman Aesculapian Scholarship **
Hoffman Trojan Scholarship *
IEA Construction & Engineering Scholarship**
James Fenters Scholarship *
Jim & Martha Wallace Scholarship*
Jerri Purgason Scholarship **
Judith Woodrow Scholarship *
Kevin & Marilyn Woodrow Scholarship *
Malcolm Spencer Scholarship *
Martin Jacobs Scholarship**
MasterGuard Scholarship *
Paul G. Ingersoll Scholarship **
Paul Shirley Philpott Memorial Scholarship *
Rafferty Memorial Scholarship *
Reagan & Hazel Mallett Scholarship *
Richard Ashton Scholarship *
Rick Williams Scholarship *
Steel Grip Scholarship *

Current college students applying for or requesting renewals must still meet all the criteria for the scholarship. Please refer to the scholarship descriptions for this information. All requests from current college students are placed in the same pool as high school seniors and are reviewed at the same time by the scholarship committees.

Current college students will be notified by May 31, 2017.


- You must have graduated from the Fountain County high school which the scholarship requires.
- You must meet all the specific criteria for the scholarship which you are applying.
(Please refer to the Foundation scholarship website list for all the criteria)
- You must include a essay written by you naming the specific scholarship which you are applying. In this letter you should elaborate on what you have accomplish thus far (awards, leadership positions, employment) and what your goals are for the future.
- You must attach a copy of your most current college level grades.
- You must have at least one (or up to three) evaluator(s) submit a letter of recommendation.