FCCF 2017 Scholarship Renewal Application

Deadline: August 26 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT (Midnight)


A number of FCCF scholarships are renewable for multiple years.


Previous recipients must reapply each year by submitting all of the following materials:

1. Completed Renewal Application.
2. Personal Essay - Tell us about your college/university/graduate school experience thus far. Describe what challenges and successes you have experienced at school. Explain what effect this scholarship has had on your life and education and what your plans are for the future.
3. A copy of your current transcript (showing both your fall and spring semester grades) reflecting a cumulative average of 2.7 or better. (If your cumulative average is below 2.7, please explain in your personal essay any circumstances that affected your grades.)

Renewal applications should be submitted ASAP but no later than July 23, 2017 at 11:59PM. If you have any questions contact Steve Aubin at FCCF at 203.750.3227 or saubin@fccfoundation.org

Please note: If you have changed your major or have completed the course of study for which you were originally awarded this scholarship, please contact Steve Aubin as soon as possible. You may no longer be eligible to renew this scholarship.