Deadline: October 01 2017 at 11:59 PM CDT (Midnight)


SmarterSelect, this online program, will refer to this 'activation' as an APPLICATION for ACTIVATION.

So if you come back to this link, your 'activation' information will be found under "MY APPLICATIONS"

NOTE: If you applied for any CFO scholarships online this year, you should still be able to use your e-mail and password for this site.

This renewal will LOCK on SUBMISSION !!! So if you need to come back and enter additional information, please 'SUBMIT' then select 'Save & Finish Later' which will allow you continued access.

Once your information IS totally complete, then BE SURE TO HIT 'SUBMIT' - otherwise your activation will remain 'Incomplete' and cannot be paid.


To 'activate' the payment of your scholarship, administered by Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO), we must have the following information as proof of your enrollment:

1. Your contact information
2. The name/address of the educational institution you are attending
3. Copy of your Fall 2017 schedule, including the NUMBER OF CREDIT HOURS for which you are enrolled
4. An acknowledgement that will be forwarded to the Donors

The DEADLINE for activation is October 1st; AND, the earlier 'activated' -- the more timely the payment.

If you have been awarded a scholarship that is ONLY awarded after completing the Fall semester, please contact Beth Hersh, Scholarship Coordinator at 417-864-6199