Deadline: October 01 2017 at 11:59 PM CDT (Midnight)


SmarterSelect, this online program, refers to this online process as a "RENEWAL APPLICATION."

So if you come back to this link, your renewal information will be found under "MY APPLICATIONS"

NOTE: If you applied for any CFO scholarships online this year, you should still be able to use your e-mail and password for this site.

This renewal will LOCK on SUBMISSION !!! So if you need to come back and enter additional information, please 'SUBMIT' then select 'Save & Finish Later' which will allow you continued access.

Once your information IS complete, then BE SURE TO HIT "SUBMIT" - otherwise your renewal will remain 'Incomplete' and cannot be paid.


To 'renew' your scholarship for payment, we must have the following information as proof of your GPA and continued enrollment:

1. Your contact information
2. The name/address of the educational institution you are attending for Fall - and whether you have TRANSFERRED to a different school this year.
3. A copy of your most recent transcript; the one you can download from your school website is permissible
4. Copy of your Fall 2017 schedule, including the NUMBER OF CREDIT HOURS for which you are enrolled
5. A short update acknowledgement that will be forwarded to the Donor

The DEADLINE for renewal is October 1, 2017

Questions? Please contact Beth Hersh, Scholarship Coordinator at 417-864-6199