FY18 Chair/Chair-Elect Application

Deadline: April 01 2017 at 12:30 AM CDT


The work of Society committees is vital to SWE's mission. This application will help current leadership select qualified, diverse, and motivated leaders for chair, chair elect, coordinator, and coordinator elect positions in FY18.

Submit your application by April 1. Your application status will then change to submitted.

After the deadline, applications will be reviewed and all applicants will be contacted by the current board liaison or her representative.

FY17 Chairs & Coordinators
FY18 Job Descriptions


General Qualifications: All chair, chair-elect, coordinator, and coordinator-elect applications should meet the following minimum:
-SWE member in good standing
-General SWE knowledge
-Good interpersonal skills
-Prior leadership experience
-Good communication skills
-Effective in team environments

Additional qualifications may be required for some positions. You will be notified by a SWE representative if additional information or requirements are needed.

Note that an individual cannot hold two significant leadership positions during the same fiscal year, such as committee/task force chair/chair elect, coordinator/coordinator elect, region governor, MAL president, deputy director of regions, senate leadership, trustee, or BOD member. This is to ensure that the leadership opportunities are maximized across our membership.