2017 Sol Hirsch NWAF Education Fund Grants For K-12 Teachers/Educators

Deadline: June 14 2017 at 11:59 PM CDT (Midnight)


At least four (4) Grants, up to $750 each, are available from the NWA Foundation to help improve the education of K-12 students in meteorology and related sciences. These grants are possible thanks to the many NWA members and family and friends of Sol Hirsch who retired in 1992 after being the NWA Executive Director for 11 years. Sol passed away in October 2014.


Teachers, program directors, school district supervisors and other individuals or groups proposing to improve the education of K-12 students in meteorology may submit an application.

The school or organization must be a publicly recognized and/or accredited in the United States.

The application is completed online and consists of information related to the individual(s) submitting and a proposal regarding the initiative. The proposal should be a thorough description of activities, costs and expected outcomes of the initiative. Applications should include details and specific cost estimates of how the money ($750) will be spent. The Education Committee (rating committee) will place a high value on the creativity and expected impact of the project. Hints on how to develop the proposal are included in the online application. The project/proposal has to be approved by the school principal or equivalent type of supervisor as explained in the online procedures. Completed applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM CDT, Monday 5 June 2017. Applications can be started early and saved online and submitted when all required information is gathered and completed.

The NWA Foundation reserves the right to revise the number of Grants awarded and the amount of individual awards.

Number of Awards


Award Amount


Total Amount Awarded