Outstanding Student Member Award OSM - 2017

Deadline: May 16 2017 at 11:59 PM CDT (Midnight) - CLOSED

This program is inactive or past the deadline.


Your chapter and all the members of Theta Tau thank you for what you have done this school year year to help our Fraternity and its Brothers.

Near the end of each school year, in order to recognize a deserving Brother, one who sets an example for others, each chapter is to choose an Outstanding Student Member. The chapter's choice will be based upon a SelfEvaluation from each member of the chapter. While the choice honors the Brother, more importantly, it promotes the welfare of the chapter by holding up a model for other members.

This will be a valuable professional development experience for each student member. As an engineer, you will often be called upon to document your professional activities and contributions. This information is likely to be critical to the advancement of your career. More than this, it can be valuable to you in assessing your personal progress in reaching the goals you have set for yourself.

It is worthwhile for us to consider our accomplishments not just to reflect on the activities of the past year, but to aid us in planning our goals for the year ahead. Questions below are intended to assist you in documenting your contributions to Theta Tau for the school year. Members are encouraged to collaborate in recalling and recording one another's acts of service during the school year.