Constance & Nano Comic Challenge

Deadline: June 23 2017 at 11:59 PM CDT (Midnight)


Challenge: Construct a paper airplane that can carry as much cargo (US pennies, nickels, and dimes) as possible and travel more than ten feet.

The challenge winner will be a featured character in the upcoming Constance & Nano Comic vol. 2 about aerospace engineering. The winner and their chaperone will also take a trip to the United Technologies Corporation facility in Hartford, Connecticut for a VIP tour.

Check out Constance and Nano Comic vol. 1 here:

Sponsored by United Technologies Corporation


SWENexters in 6-8th grade shoot and submit a 2 min video showing:
1. Your paper airplane design process
2. A fact about aerospace engineering and cargo transport you learned while researching your design
3. Your working design
4. Your maximum cargo payload and distance traveled

Submit your video by Friday, June 23rd to be considered. Challenge winner will be announced in July.

Helpful video resources:
(Create animated videos and presentations)
(Design and video production app for tablets)
(Create videos on your computer screen and with your webcam)

Any other software you like to use!

Many public libraries have computer access and rentable filming equipment. Check your local public library for details.

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