New Spiritual Communities and ReNewing Churches: Grant Program Application

Deadline: September 01 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT (Midnight) - CLOSED

This program is inactive or past the deadline.


***The Application Cycle of this Grant is now Closed.***

The purpose of the United Church of Christ is:
To love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves.

Mission statement:
United in Spirit and inspired by God's grace, we welcome all, love all, and seek justice for all.

And together, we vision:
United in Christ's love, a just world for all.

The New Spiritual Communities and ReNewing Churches grant program of the United Church of Christ seeks to enact the Vision, Mission, and Purpose by investing in programs and ministries which live into the ethos of the United Church of Christ’s becoming. In March of 2017, leaders from across the life of the denomination gathered to redefine the grant program and set intention and vision on the funding and the churches that the UCC will be supporting.

After much deliberation on the metrics of new churches, the team affirmed that we will invest in the values which lead communities into action, and for the greater impact of the ministries. Our funded new and renewing churches will be led by the following five values:

Love: Right relationships define love. Love is a communal experience enacting love of neighbor, self, and God. Love has a narratable timeline; something happening drawing one out of oneself, and extending self. The community speaks love through a narration of their story including presence to both joy and pain in the midst of loving.

Spirituality/Faith: Communities which are connected to something bigger than themselves, and the great cloud of witnesses (past, present, and future), while adding to the Christian story.

Community: Gathering body of individuals that speaks to live out the teachings of Jesus Christ. Community means interdependence, connection, honoring of difference, with the equal distribution and sharing of power and resources for all.

Justice: Justice speaks truth to power. Justice is what love looks like in public, and through the eyes of God. Justice creates opportunities for wholeness and health in individuals and communities. Justice is connected to the community surrounding in the building of coalitions and partnerships. Justice is intersectional; so the faith community is also facing outward. Justice ensures the voice of the voiceless and serves the underserved, inviting the tradition and wisdom of voices historically excluded and/or undervalued. Justice repairs the breaches, and restores right relationships. Justice is the equitable allocation of resources for God’s beloved children.

Creativity: The ministry takes a bold and innovative approach, and/or applies the old model in a new way to address a particular need within the community.

For questions, please reach out to


This grant is available to faith communities affiliated with the United Church of Christ in the US. If the applicant is not a Member in Discernment or UCC minister in good standing, a UCC accountability structure must be described and agreed upon through the local conference or committee on ministry.

The FIRST thing applicants should do is determine who will serve as a reference for this application, and then enter their information in the form to send them a link.

Applicants are to complete their application, and then “Submit.” The application will show as “Pending” until all requested endorsements are “Received,” after which the application will show as “Submitted.”

Decide, and reach out to EITHER a conference minister or associate conference minister, OR, all of the below:
-a local pastor of a UCC congregation where membership and accountability is held
-a leader of a community partner organization
-an outside source of communal support (e.g. a coach, mentor, spiritual director, et cetera.)

We hold intention that at least 50% of our funding will go towards faith communities who are historically marginalized: specifically, communities of color, or faith communities led by people of color.

There are two types of grants: grants that can be matched, or non-matching grants.

Within matching grants for NEW communities, any income can be matched, including tithed income.
For RENEWING churches, it must be outside fundraising, NOT including “normal” church income, such as tithed income. For all churches, matching grant funds must be properly documented, such as would hold up to an IRS audit.
-Grants which are NOT matched: $20,000 over 4 quarters, for the period of one year.
-Matching grants, up to $40,000. $10k first, then $30k matched to follow, over 6 quarters (1.5 years.)

Each community and/or applicant is eligible for up to $100,000 grand lifetime, from this program.

Grants are awarded based on how applicants seek to embody in their ministries the values lifted up at the beginning of this document, as well as the impact from those values within the local community.

Ministries that are meant to be sustaining, as well as ministries that are meant to be impactful for a particular time and place, are encouraged to apply.