Request Scholarship Payment - Fall Semester 2017 (open June-September)

Deadline: September 30 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT (Midnight)


This is the process to request payment(s) for scholarship(s) administered through the Western Indiana Community Foundation that has been awarded to a college student.

Scholarships issued by the Western Indiana Community Foundation are for tuition expenses and required fees. Scholarships are made payable to both, the grantee (the student) and the educational institution providing an acceptable program for a degree. The payment will be mailed to the student's address listed. It is the student's responsibility to deliver the payment to the college/university. The scholarship payment check will not be valid unless endorsed by both the student and the college or university.

Questions may be directed to Kim Eaton at or (765)793-0702 ext. 3


The student's contact information.
The college/university name and student ID#.
The name of the scholarship(s) you have been awarded (this is listed in your award letter).
An electronic version, scanned copy or photo of a school tuition invoice with the student's name. This can be from your student account as long as your name, the school and a listing of charges are on the screen shot or copy.
A brief note note of what you are looking forward to and any goals you have for the upcoming semester/school year.