2018 Grants: Letter of Intent

Deadline: November 06 2017 at 05:00 PM EST - CLOSED

This program is inactive or past the deadline.


The Community Foundation makes grants to support the work and improve the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations that serve communities in Eastern CT.

Most grants will align with the following priority impact areas of the Foundation's strategic plan:
Empower Youth
Ensure that our youth live in a safe and supportive environment, and have access to high quality and emotionally, intellectually, culturally and environmentally rich learning opportunities.
To that end, the Foundation will consider proposals that:
• Expand quality early childhood education and intervention services
• Support mentoring programs that encourage relationships between youth & caring adults
• Support access to programs that promote mental and physical health as well as those that address disconnected youth
• Enhance educational opportunities in science, literacy, arts and culture, especially for those that use experiential learning
• Support post-secondary education access and job readiness

Promote Basic Needs and Rights
Ensure that the region's residents have access to social and health services, healthy nutrition, stable housing, job training and education and arts and culture.
To that end, the Foundation will consider proposals that:
• Promote individual and family economic security
• Increase food security and access to nutritious food
• Decrease homelessness through programs that promote diversion and intervention
• Improve access to healthcare and human services
• Promote healthy relationships and address domestic violence
• Utilize arts and culture experiences to educate and improve overall quality of life

Preserve the Environment
Foster understanding of and promote action on the relationship between the health of the natural world and the health and well-being of our residents.
To that end, the Foundation will consider proposals that:
• Preserve and protect environmentally significant land, waterways and wildlife habitats for the benefit of the ecosystem and for the well-being, health, livelihood and enjoyment of residents;
• Engage youth in environmental education and activities in natural settings as they learn to become good stewards of their environment;
• Make the connection between mental and physical health and exposure to the natural world.

Advance Animal Welfare
Ensure adequate protection, care and humane treatment of animals and wildlife.
To that end, the Foundation will consider proposals that:
• Provide assistance for veterinary care for domestic animals and/or wildlife, especially spay and neuter services.
• Encourage responsible pet ownership and adoptions of abandoned animals.
• Rehabilitate wildlife for return to natural habitats.
• Make positive connections between humans and animals (e.g., therapeutic riding programs, canine literacy buddies, inmate rehabilitation, etc.).

What We Will Fund
Grant making in these areas will not exclusively address these desired outcomes, but the Foundation will look for opportunities to contribute to problem solving in these areas and to strengthen the systems that address these issues in our region.

Grants will be awarded for existing programs, new initiatives, or special projects that address one or more of the objectives listed under the priority impact areas above.

Preference will be given to programs that:
• Are collaborative in nature and are rooted in evidence-based, solution-oriented approaches
• Serve lower income communities
• Include specific and measurable outcomes and effect positive change over the long term.

What We Will Not Fund
Grants will not support individuals, routine operating expenses, capital campaigns, litigation, deficit funding, endowment campaigns, for-profit organizations or religious programming.

Who May Apply
Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS or organizations using a nonprofit fiscal agent; municipal or governmental agencies; and other charitable organizations. Funding will not be considered for projects that are typically supported by public funds.


Deadlines and Notification
All Letters of Intent must be submitted by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. Invitations to submit a full proposal will be issued by December 15, 2017.

Applicants are encouraged to speak with Jennifer O'Brien, program director, at the beginning of the grant seeking process. She may be reached at 860.442.3572 or JennOB@cfect.org.