HEO-CLT PDF For Activities Starting in November 2017 or after

Deadline: October 01 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT (Midnight)


The HEO-CLT Professional Development Fund was won as part of the 2000-02 PSC/CUNY collective bargaining agreement and was the first time CUNY HEOs and CLTS were granted support for academic and professional pursuits. In each academic year since 2003-04, approximately $500,000 total is distributed via small grants to approximately 450 awardees from campuses University-wide in the Higher Education Officer and College Laboratory Technician series, as well as CLIP and CUNY Start instructors, and EOC Lecturers.


In order to be eligible to apply, you must:
1) Be in one of these series titles: Higher Education Officer, College Laboratory Technician, CLIP Instructor, CUNY Start Instructor, EOC Lecturer.
2) Be in your full-time title for more than six months by the start date of the proposed activity. (For Adjunct CLTs you must work at least 10 hours per week during the semester in which you apply, and you must have worked 10 hours per week for four consecutive, non-Summer semesters, immediately preceding the semester in which you apply.)
3) NOT be in an excluded title (if you are in an excluded title your paystub will show that you don't pay dues or fees to the union).
4) NOT be on Travia Leave when the application is submitted or when the proposed professional development activity will take place.

BEFORE APPLYING please read the grant Guidelines and check the Due Dates Schedule