2018-2019 Delta Gamma Foundation Merit-based Scholarship Application

Deadline: March 01 2018 at 11:59 PM EST (Midnight)


Scholarship Application for Undergraduate Study
Delta Gamma Foundation
2017-2018 Academic Year


Disclaimer: Delta Gamma Foundation Merit-Based Scholarship Awards are subject to the availability of funds.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are graduating prior to August 2018, then you will not be eligible for an undergraduate scholarship.

Scholarship applications are required to be submitted electronically by the March 1 deadline. The online application form is provided below. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit the completed application as early as possible before the deadline, as communication is limited to only those who have submitted their applications.

Notifications of scholarship recipients and non-recipients will be made before August 1.



The following supporting materials must be submitted with applications no later than March 1 to complete the application process.

Send any questions about supporting materials to the Director: Scholarships and Fellowships:

Do not send any supporting materials to Delta Gamma Executive Offices. Please direct any questions to the Director: Scholarships and Fellowships.

To complete the application and be eligible for a scholarship, the applicant must submit the following supporting materials by the designated deadline:

1. One recommendation is required from the following individual:

Advisory Team Chairman (ATC) (Note, If there is not an ATC, another Delta Gamma chapter adviser should complete the recommendation.)

The recommendation should be filed electronically via Smarter Select by March 15.

2. Transcript(s)

Applicants will submit their transcripts by uploading a scanned or electronic document with this application. Please contact the Director: Scholarships and Fellowships if you have any questions about submitting transcripts: ScholarshipFellowship@deltagamma.org.