Faculty Enrichment 2017-2018

Deadline: February 16 2018 at 11:59 PM CST (Midnight)


The Faculty Enrichment Committee of the Advisory Board will award up to $12,000 for individual grants this year. Individual applicants may apply for up to $2,000 each ($2,000 for full time faculty and $1,000 for part time faculty). The amount of any grant awarded is the maximum sum the Advisory Board will provide for each grant; any overages are the recipient’s sole responsibility. Any funds not expended on approved expenses must be returned to the Advisory Board.

The purpose of these grants is to assist faculty with opportunities for personal growth and professional development, to promote interdisciplinary, cross cluster exchanges and teaching methods, and to inspire, support and motivate the DISD faculty at Booker T. Washington High School.


All DISD contract members of the faculty and staff of Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts are eligible to submit a grant application. Applicant must be returning to Booker T Washington High School for the Performing Arts in the fall of 2018 to be eligible. All applications must be aligned with and support the goals, objectives and activities of the School and the Advisory Board. Only grant requests for projects or processes to be completed before August 31, 2018.

All faculty members wishing to be considered for a grant must complete the application available online and provide all supporting items described in the application.

The Faculty Enrichment Committee of the Advisory Board will review the grant applications and select the award recipients, in consultation with and subject to the approval of school administration.

Notification to faculty of Advisory Board Faculty Enrichment grant awards will be sent by the end of October or February, depending on cycle grant was submitted.

Anyone receiving a grant must provide receipts documenting their expenditure of awarded funds within 21 days of expending those funds.

It is important to the Advisory Board and the Faculty Enrichment Committee that they are able to measure and document the success of any grant awarded. This data is critical to our efforts to raise additional funds for use in future grants. By accepting funds, the recipient agrees to provide to the Committee, within 30 days after the completion of the grant activity, an evaluation of the activity, describing: (a) his or her experiences, (2) the current and expected impact of the grant activity on the individual, as well as on the students and faculty of the School, and (3) how the recipient will measure this impact going forward. The Committee will follow up with the recipient at a later date to learn the results of those measurements. A Post-Grant Requirements Reflection Form is available online at www.artsmagnet.org on the grants and scholarships page.

All faculty members participating in an Advisory Board Faculty Enrichment sponsored event will be required to complete the post grant reflection form.

If you have any questions, please contact Tonya Perkins at (214) 468-8642 or TPerkins@artsmagnet.org

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