Deadline: April 15 2018 at 11:59 PM PDT (Midnight)


UNICO FOUNDATION, INC. will grant up to $6,000 for a graduate scholarship to a student attending, full time, an accredited program at a campus based college/university in the United States, paid out at $1,500 per school year for a maximum of 4 years.


1. Italian Origin: The candidate shall be a United States citizen of Italian descent, i.e., must have at least one parent of Italian heritage. Documented and notarized proof may be requested by the selection committee if necessary.

2. Sponsorship: An applicant must reside in the home state of an active UNICO Chapter. Every UNICO Chapter or District, in good standing, may sponsor candidates for each of the UNICO Foundation scholarships.

3. Educational Requirements: A senior at any public or private college/university or a graduate thereof who is initiating graduate studies. Proof of enrollment must be provided prior to issuing the scholarship award check.

4. Financial Need: Financial need will be a consideration.

5. Extra-Curricular and Community Participation: The extent to which a candidate has contributed to the life and welfare of college and/or community will be taken into account in the assessment of merit.

6. Family Members: UNICANS and their family members are eligible and may be sponsored by their respective chapters.

7. Timeframe: The candidate must pursue their study within the academic year of the scholarship grant; any deviation will result in forfeiture.

In addition to the criteria previously listed, applications will be judged on citizenship, leadership, character, community service and commitment.

Applications that do not conform to the foregoing requirements will not be considered.

Experience indicates that a scholarship rating of 90% or better is necessary to qualify for serious consideration of the award.

UNICO FOUNDATION, INC., through this program, seeks students of outstanding merit who show appreciation for the value of an education and are willing to achieve success. It is to be noted further that along with the maintenance of the required graduate program scholastic standards as a condition precedent in awarding the scholarship, the National Director of Scholarships and UNICO Foundation Trustees reserve unto themselves the right to cancel or otherwise terminate a grant at any time an awardee, in their opinion, directly or indirectly engages in undesirable activities. The National Director of Scholarships and the UNICO Foundation Trustees need not assign any reason for their action and the awardee shall have no recourse.

Online degree programs are not eligible for UNICO scholarships.

The scholarship must be applied to the 2018-2019 academic year.

A recipient must submit the scholarship agreement, and a bursar’s receipt confirming enrollment, prior to payment of award.

Only the winners will be notified. Results will be posted on the
UNICO National Website: www.unico.org

Recipients are required to submit a photo upon notification.

For security purposes, do not include a Social Security Number.

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