League of Extraordinary Givers Awards

Deadline: December 08 2017 at 05:00 PM PST


The League of Extraordinary Givers is a fraternity of recognized individuals who have a proven track record of exceptional generosity through their financial donations, willingness to help raise funds, volunteerism, and/or community leadership roles, and by whose example they inspire others to participate. (See award categories below) Nominations are accepted in the fall of each year and winners are inducted into the League of Extraordinary Givers at RCF's annual celebration event the following Jan/Feb. You may access a list of past winners on our website at www.rentonfoundation.org.

Lifetime of Giving Award -is given to individuals who are the true
champions of philanthropy. They have gone above and beyond by giving of
themselves to more than one nonprofit for over a decade or more.

Patron of the Year Award - is awarded to someone who has made a
splash in the philanthropic world during 2016-17 because of what they have

Rising Star Award - is typically awarded to someone younger and/or an
emerging individual who is making an impact in the philanthropic

Public Spirit Award - is generally given to organizations and/or
individuals who have successfully brought multiple resources together to
meet a philanthropic need.


Nominees will be selected based on the following qualifications:

-His/her direct financial support and/or fundraising efforts with more than one
nonprofit organization in the Puget Sound area.

-Significance of his/her volunteer leadership with more than one nonprofit

-Level to which he/she encourages or inspires others to engage in philanthropy.

-His/her commitment to the future through making a planned gift and/or taking a
leadership role in helping a nonprofit to plan for the future.

-The degree of innovation or creativity he/she has provided to help solve problems
or make positive change.

Please continue to finish filling out your nomination. Additional materials supporting your nomination can be mailed to: RCF, P.O. Box 820 Renton, WA, 98057 by the deadline.