2018 Delta Gamma Foundation Outstanding Faculty Award

Deadline: February 16 2018 at 12:30 AM EST


The Delta Gamma Foundation Outstanding Faculty Award was established to recognize excellence in faculty members who teach undergraduates. The award recognizes the ability to challenge, support and stimulate students. Any Delta Gamma collegian, alumna, collegiate chapter, or alumnae group in good standing may nominate faculty members for this award that is presented at Convention.

While we are fortunate that the colleges and universities that host Delta Gamma chapters enlist many qualified individuals to teach, this award recognizes faculty who have been hired as full-time assistant professors, associate professors, or full professors. These faculty have either achieved “tenure,” or on a tenure track, meaning that they are working to achieve tenure. Such professors are meeting the goals of the institution, often demonstrating a strong record of teaching, published research, grant funding, academic visibility, and service to the institution, with a different emphasis depending on the college or university.

Exemplary faculty who have been recognized with this award and the nominating chapter include:

Dr. James Marett, Associate Professor of Physical Education, Northern Illinois University (Delta Nu) and
Dr. Theresa Martinez, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Utah (Beta Gamma)

Richard J. Allen, Associate Professor in the College of Fine Arts, Texas Christian University (Gamma Tau)

Dr. Charles McVey Becker, Associate Professor of Economics, Texas Christian University (Gamma Tau)

Dr. William E. Snizek, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Virginia Tech (Delta Rho)

Dr. Karen Verkler, Assistant Professor of Education, University of Central Florida (Epsilon Tau)

Dr. Shirley Anne Warshaw, Professor of Political Science, Gettysburg College (Beta Lambda)

Dr. K. Joanna Seberger Forstrom, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Director of the Honors Program, Spring Hill College (Eta Eta)

Dr. Ben (Rick) R. Mayes III, Associate Professor of Public Policy, University of Richmond (Zeta Gamma)

Dr. Anne Vivian Gorden, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Auburn University (Delta Sigma) – Dr. Gordon is a Delta Gamma from Emory!

2012 (Sponsored by Beta Iota-Purdue)
Dr. Keith S. Summerville, Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Drake University (Alpha Lambda)

2014 (Sponsored by Gamma Phi-Arizona State)
Dr. Carol Weingarten, RN, ANEF, is Associate Professor at the College of Nursing of Villanova University (Zeta Alpha)

2016 (Sponsored by Gamma Mu-Florida State)
Dr. Anne Gutshall, Associate Professor, School of Education, College of Charleston (Eta Sigma)


• be devoted to the personal and professional development of undergraduate students
• be a full-time faculty member engaged in undergraduate teaching
• have completed a minimum of three years of full-time employment at a college or university where there is a Delta Gamma collegiate chapter.

While the deadline for the application materials is February 15th, chapter members can be doing things in advance to prepare for assembling the materials.

Things to consider as you prepare your application:

• Any member may nominate a professor for this award, but it is important to contact your chapter president to insure that the nomination has the support of the chapter, and that the chapter wasn’t planning to nominate another professor.

• Contact the professor and let her/him know on your intent to nominate them for the Foundation award.

• Ask the professor for a copy of her/his Curriculum Vita (resume); if this is available on the department’s website electronically, you may be able use this, but check with the professor as there may be a more complete version of the CV that s/he would prefer that you use.

• While meeting with the professor, ask her/him about their involvement on campus committees, including those for which they have held a leadership role. Inquire whether they have involved undergraduate or graduate students in their research. You will need to address whether they have received teaching awards from their department, college, or professional organizations, so discuss these topics with your nominee.

• If chapter members nominate a professor who has received a teaching award at their college or university, some of the materials in that award dossier may be used for the Faculty Award nomination. At the very least, chapter members could determine administrators on their campus they might ask to write in support of the faculty member they wish to nominate.

• You will need to have a letter of support from an individual to whom the professor reports, i.e., a Department Chair, Dean, Rector, Vice President of Academic Affairs. The person, from whom you request the letter, will depend on the size of your college or university, but you will want to ask someone who knows the professor well and can address her/his professional accomplishments.

• Contact members of your collegiate or alumnae chapter who have also benefitted from the professor you plan to nominate. Ask them to provide letters of support for the nomination dossier. You will be able to download these documents as part of the nomination process.