2018: Mitzi Harris Martin Healthcare Scholarship

Deadline: February 21 2018 at 11:59 PM EST (Midnight)


Established in 2004, this fund will provide scholarships to deserving individuals already working in the long term healthcare field or focusing in geriatric care. This scholarship may be renewable.


• Resident of Johnson County, IN
• At least 25 years of age at the time of application
• Must be pursing advanced education or certification in the long term or geriatric healthcare field (if already in a program, the candidate must not have completed more than 50% of the program requirements at the time of application)
• Must demonstrate a commitment to long term or geriatric healthcare as evidenced by current or at least one year of past employment at a hospital, hospice, long term healthcare facility, or other healthcare or social service organization that provides services to the elderly or the infirm

Special Considerations:
• Those who are seeking advanced education or certification to serve as a licensed practical nurse, certified nursing assistant, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, qualified medical assistant, or similar designation specializing in care to the geriatric population

Items Required in Addition to the Application:
• Provide two letters of recommendation:
o One professional reference from a nonfamily member
o At least one from an employer in the healthcare/social services field
• Provide a personal statement that includes your thoughts on the following:
o The two main reasons you want to further your education and work in a position described under Special Considerations above
o Why you have already chosen a commitment to serving the geriatric population
o Why you believe that you are a good person to receive this scholarship.
o Your specific interest in healthcare for the elderly, your ultimate career goal, how you/your family will fund your education, and your employment/educational background
• Provide your high school, college, or other education institution transcript (whichever is most recent)