83rd John O. Moseley Leadership School - Faculty Application

Deadline: March 15 2018 at 08:00 AM CDT - CLOSED

This program is inactive or past the deadline.


Leadership School Faculty members are charged to assist with the successful execution and completion of the Leadership School. They join a proud history of 81 years of previous schools.

Faculty members will facilitate discussions in small-group meetings known as "chapters" of 10-12 undergraduates. Some faculty may be selected to lead seminar sessions or assist in various ways to support the school.


To be a considered for selection as a member of the faculty for the John O. Moseley Leadership School, the successful applicant:

- Must meet the obligations outlined in "Duties & Responsibilities"
- Must be qualified by work history or prior quality demonstrated facilitation and leadership experience
- Must demonstrate strong moral character and/or meet the criteria as described in "The True Gentleman"
- Must communicate effectively – both written and spoken
- Should have satisfactory survey results from their chapter groups if they have served previously
- Does not have to be a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

The following are many of the duties and responsibilities of a faculty member. Be aware that this is not an exhaustive list, and additional duties and responsibilities may be added:

- Facilitate, rather than lead, discussions in five chapter meetings, as outlined in the school curriculum.
- Attend and participate in all general sessions and other activities.
- Fulfill any and all assigned duties before, during and at the close of the school.
- Follow any instructions provided, as dynamic changes do occur and various unforeseen needs may arise.
- Participate in various training activities (conference calls, videos, pre-reading) prior to the school.
- Must be able to dedicate the time to all training requirements, including pre-training in the months before the school and training on site.
- Must be able to dedicate time to follow-up as part of the curriculum with attendees, as specified by the Director of Educational Programs.
- Participate in call/text/e-mail campaigns to encourage registration from our chapters.
- Follow and comply with all instructions from program directors.
- Arrive in Phoenix, AZ on Thursday, August 2 by 6PM. Faculty Training begins Thursday evening.
- Depart Phoenix, AZ on Monday, August 6.