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This program is inactive or has passed its deadline.

2012-13 Mamie Phipps Clark Research Grants - Spring

Deadline: February 01, 2013 at 11:30 PM HST - CLOSED


To provide funds for Psi Chi members (faculty, graduate, or undergraduate) to defray the costs of a research project focusing on ethnic minorities.

The first author of the proposal must:
• serve as the Project Director,
• be an undergraduate student, graduate student, or faculty member,
• be a Psi Chi member, and
• for student projects, have at least one faculty member serve as a coinvestigator and oversee the project.
While proposals with multiple student authors are accepted, administration of grant money is the responsibility of the first author serving as the Project Director. The first author may submit only one proposal per round and may receive only one grant per year. Faculty may serve as coinvestigators for more than one student, but may not submit as coauthor on more than one application. Proposals that are not funded in the first round may be resubmitted in the second round.

1. Applications must be an electronic document written in English conforming strictly to the instructions in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).
2. The description of the project (excluding title page, references, and appendices) should not exceed six pages in 12-point font (double-spaced).
3. All proposals should be masked. Your Psi Chi member ID number will serve as a unique identifier for your submission. The only item that will not be masked is the IRB approval.

Each grant applicant may request up to $1,500. Total funding for the program is $10,000 annually, divided over the two funding rounds. Only one proposal per person per round and one grant a year per person. This program is open to undergraduate, graduate, and faculty applicants.



1. General applicant information

2. Description of the Project
a. Abstract. Include a 120-word APA-style abstract of the project (see APA Section 2.04 for more information).
b. Introduction. Include a literature review and indicate the importance of the project to the science of psychology (APA Section 2.05).
c. Method. Provide enough detail for a reviewer to assess the feasibility of the project (APA Section 2.06).
i. Participants. Describe the sample and indicate that the treatment of participants will meet the guidelines set by APA.
ii. Apparatus. Describe the materials necessary for the experiment.
iii. Procedure. Write a description of the experiment with a proposed timeline.
d. Results. Provide a description of how data will be analyzed and anticipated results (APA Section 2.07).
e. Discussion. Provide a summary of the implications of your anticipated results and limitations of the proposed study (APA Section 2.08).
f. References. Include references for the paper (APA Sections 6.11 & 6.22).

3. Budget. The total for each grant cannot exceed $1,500. Direct expenses incurred in the conduct of the research are allowed, including equipment, books, supplies, travel to conduct research, and payment of participants. The grant funds cannot be used to pay for stipends, salary, or tuition.

4. IRB Approval. Include a statement from the institution’s Internal Review Board (IRB) that the project has been approved. Projects under IRB review must present evidence of IRB status at the time of submission. Grant funds will not be released until IRB approval is obtained.

Award Amount
Total Amount Awarded