2013-14 Graduate Assistantship Grants

Deadline: January 06 2014 11:30 pm HST - CLOSED

This program is inactive or past the deadline.


To provide funds for eight Psi Chi graduate student members to receive graduate assistantship stipends for one semester so the students can gain teaching experience and/or conduct research. Although preference will be given to applicants who do not already have an assistantship, students who do already have an assistantship are encouraged to apply.
Four teaching and four research stipends will be funded, however the grants committee may choose to distribute the number of stipends between the two categories as needed.

The applicant must:
• be a Psi Chi member, and
• be enrolled at an accredited graduate program in psychology or a related field.

Preference will be given to qualified students who joined Psi Chi as an undergraduate student and who served as an officer as an undergraduate and/or graduate student.


1. Proposals must be an electronic document written in English conforming strictly to the instructions in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).
2. The justification for the assistantship (excluding general information, reference letters, vita, and transcripts) should not exceed 3,000 words and should be submitted in 12-point font (double spaced).

1. Submit proposals online through the link provided. The link is available at least one month prior to the submission deadlines.
2. Submissions are accepted online until 11:30 HST. Late applications will not be accepted.

1. General Information,

2. Justification for the Assistantship. The reason the applicant should be selected for the assistantship including:
a. how the applicant would benefit from being funded during the semester to teach or conduct research,
b. who the applicant is planning to work with and why this professor was selected,
c. what classes the applicant will be allowed to teach or what research the applicant will be conducting, and
d. a description of the applicant’s service to his or her Psi Chi chapter as an undergraduate student and, if applicable, as a graduate student.
--All elements of the justification should total no
more than 3,000 words.--

3. Letters of Recommendation.
a. Obtain a letter of recommendation from the professor who will supervise the applicant’s teaching assignments or research if selected for the assistantship. The letter should describe the applicant’s academic ability, motivation, and readiness for the assistantship.
b. Obtain a letter of recommendation from the Psi Chi faculty advisor at either the applicant’s undergraduate institution or graduate institution.
c. The applicant may submit a third, optional, letter of recommendation from another academic or research reference. This is not required, but it is highly encouraged.

4. Curriculum Vitae. Provide the applicant’s current curriculum vitae.

5. Transcripts. Provide official transcripts from the applicant’s undergraduate university and the applicant’s graduate university. These can be mailed to Psi Chi; PO Box 709; Chattanooga, TN 37401-0709; USA; Attention: Graduate Assistantship Grants.

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